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If anyone needs car detailing, clothes done (I'm great at ironing), personal care, private

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littlegirllost   in reply to champleve
Yes, it's great 2 know u r being heard. My daughter has been a surprising supporter & advocater for me. She's out west, but we r always calling & she knows more about my illness than I do. I like 2 talk w/other's about some things. She gets upset quickly, like my prescriptions got stuck in the send tube & she wanted 2 call the pharmacy! She's also very protective of me. I had her 3 weeks before I turned 15 & raised her 2 have values & work/education ethics. She got out of the dingy little town we lived in & she now sees that I was right. I hate 2 burden her. She has a good husband & a wonderful 3 year old. She says (when asked if she has help) that she & I r raising him. That's true. She'll call & say he's being bad & I.have a chat & he's good. Thank u & even this message from you has cheered me up. I'm in an area I really don't know many people. Have a blessed day!
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champleve   in reply to littlegirllost
There is always brightness in aloneness; I have just learned to live in it. Just yesterday - it literally took all day... and I mean ALLLL DAYY - to rest in the belief that 'despair is a choice'. Hard to understand. Doesn't mean your life isn't a mess and you are not grieving losses: it just means there is something in the definition of D.E.S.P.A.I.R. So don't go there.
One of my ways of staying encouraged is this page or maybe a 800 crisis line when I just need to vent. Doesn't mean my situation changes. But life gets better when you feel as though you were truly heard. Someone hears you. ....
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littlegirllost   in reply to champleve
Thank u. I've been diagnosed w/a very rare & very hard 2 treat genetic disorder. They misdiagnosed me & my Mother. SHE was so sick & she died in 1996. I'm getting treatment & I've been very sick from them, but I will march ahead! I had 2 fight 4 everything in my life & this is serious, but I have 2 b positive & I know I'll get to a point it's maintenance & hopefully I'll get 2 remission. But, going through this alone had been very sad. I just want my hand held. Thank you & God bless.
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Hi littlefirllost. I have not had much luck on PeoplePerHour but my friends have. I have been on that thing checking off and on and bidding with no luck. BUT.... several of my friends have found odd and end jobs. Hope it works!! Be in touch soon....
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